Dream -

This is me and ptsd

This is me and ptsd

This is me as I stand here what do you see.

I see a person who isn't me gone is the smile I once had replaced with dark clouds hanging over me.

Inside my mind I see a person too afraid to speak the demons inside her head just won't let her be.

They hide out in bottles they hide out in picture frames they are just hanging there looking at me .

The voices inside my mind sometimes are kind but mainly they tell me I'm no good I'm a bad mum .

I struggle to survive everyday I say you are not going to break me again .

But your destruction is already there spending hours running hours in the gym I just don't want to stop and think about all the things that hurt me .

I try not to let PTSD ruin me but now your back even worse than before so how do I get throu only God knows .

I just want to be the old me again and set her free.

The end 

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Flora-Belle Smith

Thank you for sharing this Claire. My father suffers with this also and I believe that everyone with PTSD are incredibly strong people.