Poem -


There I stand at the edge of the cliff hand over my heart
Your memories suddenly come crashing in like a Tsunami ; They hurt
Like waves that wash away the I love you written in the sandĀ 
Can my tears wash away your kisses imprinted in my skinĀ 
As I walk down towards the shore the breeze caresses my neckĀ 
it evokes a passion inside that only the whisper of your breath could incite
I wipe the sweat off my nose as the sun hits me with it's powerful rays
And there I lay taking in all its fervor like when you'd spoon me in bed I'd take in all of your warmth
Cheeks blushed and toes undergroundĀ 
I yearn for your touchĀ 
And without a sound there I still lay getting washed away in the abyss of your memories.... little by little drowning slowly suffocating could this be the end of me...
It is now dark.... sky filled with stars
Stars that mimic the sparkle of your eyes
Eyes who'd uncover your lies
Lies you said when we last spoke
That the you didn't have love nor cared for me but before you said what you said you choked....
Drifting away...
all I can do is close my eyes and sink till I hit rock bottom will I be able to be at peace.