Poem -

2 old men

2 old men

They didn't meet often
I always remember them with a smile
Just 2 old men . 
European , sat in a cafe across the miles .

They spoke in German .
They always had coffee and cake .
Never anybody else with them .
Was it meeting for old times sake ?

I couldn't understand what they said
The cups and plates neatly stacked at the end
Always leaving a small tip .
Did they reminisce about what they once did 
- Or  as I later learnt ,
Was that an off limits subject ....

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People watching can really get the mind racing. I liked the observation in this piece. You weave a little story for the reader. Always nice :) 

Pratibha Savani

This was such fun to read. Great little narrative too, was curious how it was going to end. Very amusing at the end 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
I am enjoying your short poems...going through your posts 😃