Poem -

2000 miles away

I am lost so very far away
In distance and time,
I am lost in a void
I am lost in space,
2000 miles from home
Out of my comfort zone,
I am feeling so homesick
What am I to do?
I am an astronaut
That has been cut loose,
And I feel like I am drifing
Destination unknown,
It's dark and it's cold
And I am breaking the mould,
Of what isolation
Truly seems to be,
I am lonely as if in solitary
I want to get back home,
Back to the comfort
I want to get back to the love,
But 2000 miles away
May as well be as far,
As the nearest sparkling star
But life is going dark,
So if you see me or hear me
Please extend a helping hand,
Then lead me home
Back to my comfort zone
So I am no longer alone
And I am now warm.

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Thank you I am humbled and glad you enjoyed it. Faux 


Thank you very much my friend for reading and appreciating. Faux :)