Poem -

5 g

5g will be receiving in December . Receiving all our information , faster service , vast invisible super highway of radiation waves . Sent all round the world , have we gone to far . If internet fails we will be so reliant on 5g network   that it's non exsistance will cause  catastrophie,  saterlights fall with planes down to set alight fire . Fire spreads intense heat melts nucular power plants this causes atomic
 bomb's to explode . Volcanic erruptions follow , earthquakes and sunamy . Smoke blocks out the sun , chars and suffocates or freezes    half our planet . Other half burns . As earth falls out of circulation and orbit , moon is further away , faster goes the day , black hole forms due to the shock of explosion then implosion universe and milky way  
a galaxy gone thanks to man kind .  Mega bites , ram speed , dark web . Even there names where a warning . But all we could do was excellerate our own demise . 


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