Poem -


Sex is the last thing I do 
The talk is cheap and cigars smuggled 
Deep is the struggle that starts as you say “young”
It’s a walk down old Vegas road 
The reason craps is so damn fun 
Tear your clothes off as I’m out seeking fun 
We past the museums as we road to levee 
Took poles to fish and never got sober 
Trump got elected and you stayed sober 
I layered my bed with a top sheet for the first time 
You learned to gamble as I wrote down nothing that matters 
We are smart and not driven 
Colorado girl 
We have been left the very same week 
So let’s sleep on a train track and you will remind me that I told you 
It’s my birthday 
They face away the chips for a start at opium 
The cocain will kill you after death is the conclusion 
Love is saved for a final punch 
The one you didn’t see coming
It wasn’t never there 
Like a ghost 
Sex is the last thing I ever do

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