Poem -

A Brothers Trio Edit**

A knightly gallant reign
Began a dismal campaign
Past great fields of France.

A merciless daunting task
In search of a humble flask
Forthwith mends senility anew.

Strong of mind and heart
Noblemen endure rival dart
Determined nevertheless

A heroic one must pave
The noblest and brave
Their secret laid to rest.

At fathomless length
Had they lost their strength
On journey home to France.

Noble knights so dreary
Weathered hearts grow weary
Met vicar, in sacred terrain

"I confide in you a sooth
O' man, of beneficent truth
For this saga, a story grand.

A riddle most austere
For all to faithfully adhere
Is life too pure a cost?

There through a valley reel
Beyond the great seal
A sacrifice must be made

An elixir most divine
Mortality greater than mine
A soul shall be the dues