Poem -

A Change Is A Com'n

A Change Is A Com'n

Though this baby boomer,
(who didst roam man
upon this Earth
since the year

mcmLix) does not
coon sitter himself
a political activist his wear
re: some ness, particularly

with chronic setbacks
inaugurated by President
Donald Trump, an in volunteer
re: response, (asper just

the faintest hint
of a smile) veer
really played itself across
my countenance un bear

ably impossible to depress, repress,
and/or suppress, upon
gleaning America Online
cover headline indicating

Representative Beto O’Rourke,
a (Texas Democrat) care
fully, sir up tush hiss lee,
reportedly, and quietly

considering a 2020 grab
for White House
commander in Chief chair
met with Barack Obama dare

ring political polls
to hedge intimation,
though true motives unclear
that said progressive

former named person
(from Lone Star State)
might be seriously sincere
conjoining what promises

to be a dynamically
hearty, lucky, and plucky
solution to uptear,
the present woebegone crisis

of dreadlock, gridlock, and
padlock stasis, the political
ship of state (Leviathan
countenanced by Thomas Hobbes

circa 1651) pitching
United States government
upon reprehensible threshold
inching the Doomsday Clock

closer than ever to thermonuclear
global mortal kombat triggering
unset of unstoppable subnuclear
barrage in record time (mere

minutes transforming the
world wide web into
many a schmear
compromising most all life

into a bajillion bits
of pulverized powder,
guaranteeing the demise,
sans Homo sapiens,

and thus no
Santa Claus to steer
the motley crue
of feisty reindeer,

this above mentioned dissolution,
would sadly, unfortunately,
wretchedly remove queer
as well the straight

sexually oriented persons matter,
would become reconstituted
into surprise show stopping premiere
of some alternate lifeform,
no doubt signalled
with at least one outlier
or maybe even a noncareer mutineer!

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