Poem -



Oh my bothersome blighted brain
Please can you permit my menaced mind a rest
As I snuggle up in sleepyland
All cozied in my nest

Countless hours I have lay
Overthinking bites of useless notion
Tho not a single wink has found it’s way
In my tangled spider’s web of emotion

Oblivion, is where I long to be
To dream undisturbed so contently
Please tick tock time manage my sleep
Let me play in the meadows chasing sheep

Not yet another desperate night
Passing each minute until morning light 
Lying in my lonley gloom
Of my blacked-out curtained big bedroom

If I’m only permitted to wish for one thing
Pray not let me hear my tinnutus ring
Send the howling wind to disguise my plight
My constant generator noisy fight

Can there really be buzzy bees in our rooftop ?
If only this was so I could make this stop
Alas, it’s just the tinnitus of time
With no apparent regularity of ching or chime


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