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A Conversation with my 15 year old Self

A Conversation with my 15 year old Self

Dear Me,
Do not fear your future,
For you will succeed....eventually.
It will just take time.
You are not on your own, as you have been told,
And what you have been led to believe.
There are helpful people in the world around you;
Just decide that you need help,
Then go and ask for it!
Do not shy away, despite your deep reserve,
And basic mistrust of people.
Learn to trust your gut;
Follow your instincts,
Truly believe that you are capable and are worthy.
YouΒ are enough.
You are not "too" anything.
Do not listen to the nay-sayers, the bullies, the critics;
Even though they surround you every day
Disguised as family.
Disguised as friends.
I know it will be difficult -
Very difficult.
Don't despair.
There will be periods of sadness and grief,
Nastiness and doubt.
But you are strong and smart -
You matter.
For your future is bright and happy and secure,
Filled with many moments of joy.
Work hard, but don't forget to have some fun along the way.
Take care.
I will see you in the future,
Love Me.

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Nicola Phillips

Hello PoetessDarkly
You always give such positive feedback. Thankyou!

Michelle Booy

Aww this brought shivers. Beautifully written and great advice-I hope someone reads this at just the right moment, when they need it the most. Thank you.

Dean Kuch

You can never have enough true friends, Nicola.
A stranger to me is just a friend I've yet to meet.
You can also tell who your true friends are because they are the only ones who want to be around you when you're at your most difficult time to be around.
Well penned!
~Dean Kuch β™₯


Lovely words to your future self πŸ™‚
Very encouraging ....