Poem -

A Day of Loss

I wrote this poem on 13th August 2018, the tenth year anniversary of my Grandad's death. I was only 10 when he was diagnosed of bowel cancer and 11 when he sadly passed away. As I've gotten older and as changes in my life continue to happen, I've been thinking of him more and more and how I wish I could have told him how much he meant to me.

This ones for you, Jessie Grandad

A Day of Loss
I don't remember your voice,
I hear that's the first memory to go,
But I remember your scent and kindness,
You were my other home.

We'd drink lemonade and eat rich tea,
I'd beg you to watch snow white.
When it was time to go I was nervous,
Oh how I wish I could hug you tight.

Every Sunday was our day of visit,
When our parents would bring us round.
As a child I'd kick up a fuss,
Oh how I wish I could see you now.

I was young when you were lost,
Taken before I could grow.
I shed a tear at times of thought,
When I miss you and I'm feeling low.

Today, it was the day,
When your eyes were open last.
A few years it's been now,
And you can only remain in my past.

A child never gives much thought,
To how easy a life can leave.
If I could turn back clocks, Grandad,
You'd have me around for eternity.

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