Poem -

A game of Cat and mouse

"Dear old mouse,"
The cat welcomed into his house,
"I see no longer reason to battle. 
One must not pretend
For life has reached an end
And I've been caught in the cattle"

"But what of the birds?"
The old mouse stirred.
"What will become of them?"
"Let them fly! Those beasts in the sky
Nor those I wish to condemn."

"What does this mean,"
The mouse nudged his old bean
"Is it a trick, or perhaps a trap?"
The old dear cat winked his eye.
"No, my friend, I've reached the end,
Not much one can do about that."

"Of all my journeys 
Which made me scurry
Be this where we part ways with life?
For such is life! 
The mice on the ground
And the birds in the sky!"

"In my youth," 
said the cat with great truth, 
"I mangled with beings so stark. 
But at my age 
I've no fancy for dogs, for now, 
Even the trees begin to bark!"

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