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A good-looking nothing

A good-looking nothing

She is a good-looking nothing with striking eyes are of blue
Let’s pray you never meet her coz she will break your heart in two
Yes this lass is stunning with slim pins up to her bum
but believe you me she will want you right under her thumb
You will succumb to her seducing
and get lost in her beautiful bubble
then it will not be very long till she gets you into trouble

Mind you if you haven’t any money
and she will know for sure
She is a seductress with her false friendly allure
But you don’t need to worry if you are not stinking rich 
Coz she won’t even look at you
She is a pure bitch
Yet she has made a million from her praying mantis ways
her bank balance rises loads with her interest most days

She is as sly as a simile and as cunning as a fox
with her manicured nails and her bleached blonde locks
Tho she seems very genuine
yet she fills you with lies
You will fall head over heels when you look into her eyes
She will take you to the cleaners then spit you out like a cherry stone
and you won’t know what’s hit you when you are left all alone

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A Lonely Journey

Jillian, you're back,,,with a vengeance. 
I really enjoyed that. Touched on some of my pet peeves, people who think they're above others, and love for the sake of money, and the fact that looks are desired above all, even over a wonderful heart. 
Great, true to life write. 
Loved it! 

Jill Tait

Awww Thanks luv so glad u enjoyed ❤️💙❤️

Being Me

Love this Jill. You see so many women like that...though not all of them blonde x

pauline codd

Lol  The idiots who play her deserve the spoils, made me smile..x