Poem -

A Happy Man

Lovely are the lilacs that line 
the fence.
Lovely are the roses in full bloom.
The wooded glen where the grass is tall
Is so inviting today.
The butterfly's are monarchs.
Flying about so bright
Full golden sunshine raptures them and me alike.
A king with all his wealth and power cannot command more than this.
A craftsman may labor away but not duplicate this.
And you my love with your sweet lips
They are a treasure beyond compare.
Especially when you kiss  me 
Such A delighted thing to bear.
From daybreak to dusk I count my blessings grand. It
Working hard to build a home 
With the labor of my hands.
When I see you at your mother's house and apron at your waist
And a fresh baked pie for me to taste  I am a happy man.
King Solomon was. A wise man and I agree with him
This nothing better than to work hard eat well 
And finds woman sweet
Leave the rest to God and 
Forget to worry 
About what the future brings along.

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