Poem -

The Truth About Supplements

The press came out swinging 
Ranting garbage about remedies
Putting any holistic treatment down
Well what the hell?
Why have none of these big guns
Supplements that do not need an RX
Been studied?
You would think if they are dangerous
That the FDA would have outlawed them
OR as least came out with solid science
But NO
They just say they are scams and
Snake oil
Yet the federal government was studying
Colloidal Silver against Ebola Virus 
Several years ago and found positive indicators.....
But now in Corona virus land of the sheep
We are told something and expected to believe 
Without question the authorities?
Thank goodness I came from the generation 
That said never trust anyone over 39
Because folks the only reason they put 
The home remedies down..
Is because they cannot patent them
Cannot make gazillion trillion dollars on them
So let me assist .. if you want some information
There are NO CURES for viruses at this time 
For any virus so that is true
There are many helpful products 
Colloidal Silver …. 250 or 500 ppm and you take it
As directed by a naturopathic healer or doctor,.
I have found a dropperful every four hours 
OR 2 hours.... IF really sick...for the first 24 and then decrease to four 
Also it can be nebulized and inhaled directly into the lungs
Also an aspirin one a day 
and go mix it up with prudence.

I am not a physician so always consult your dr before starting
any treatment,.. 

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Cherie Leigh

Thanks for the advice.  I go holistic all the way and don't care what doctors say.....I have seen results in things that are natural for the body...and I really do not know what to believe about this Corona virus anymore....I smell conspiracy and plot to control. xo