Poem -

The Wisdom of LIght

Come into this world 
Chase away the darkness
That enfolds and seduces man
That promises a better tomorrow
Built on the blood of yesterday
How can good come from evil?
How can light come from dark?
Ignorance your name is Hatred
Fear your name is Death
Light Queen of God's wisdom
Do not keep a stranger from us
Shine into the places that are shut
That refuse to let in compassion and love
That only operates in the material world
Keeping the focus on a circus
With a ringleader without a cause
IF we cannot learn from the mistakes of
Great civilizations from the past
That mocked the value of human life
That set themselves above God's law
WE are doomed to repeat their destinies
Hope is light 

The light still shines
While it can be found 
Men must listen with their hearts  
Moral men must not remain silent
Or the monster will win

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Cherie Leigh

Thank God that the light will always overcome the darkness....because if you think about it, shadows cannot exist without a source of light, but light can stand on its own. Great write! xo ;)