Poem -

a l

Light my primeval friend
Leaving behind a forsaken scent
Why you may ask     Why prolong to shine?                         
When all you do is leave behind
Light my treasured comrade 
more rayless than ever before
back and forth

There, my friend, you go again
Fading; Dispersing from sight 
Yet no one looks behind       No Orpheus to take your side
Like Icarus falling from a sky
To close
Extended light, never reaching.
So all you do is flicker
All you can do is flicker
A silent dance, 
back and forth, till there is no more
Say something
Scream; I don't care
Make a sound, any sound and you will prevail
Scream your name
I Scream.

It's too late
time, a constant moving flow, moved past your door.
no knock
no warning
Just nothingness.
A singularity dispersing, exploding,
to a place where no light can escape
An infinite space of matter
Still, no room for you
I was too late.

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