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A Little Bit About Me!

A Little Bit About Me!

the first time i picked up a pen was when i were a kid
always knew i could put words together an make them big

no one took notice till cosmofunnel did
I fizzed up and burst off like a pop bottle lid

people have started to recognize my work of art
everything i write comes straight from the heart
at the start i thought no one would take notice

but now i get views an comments like all other poets
its a certification that i wrote this
also a verification that i james has spoke this

Without doubt theres no copyright infringment here
just wanted you too know an make things clear
that i do my own thing that i bring on here

Ive got my own style and have done for 28 year

so now you know these little things about me
I want you too know ill grow as big as a tree
branch out worldwide for everyone too see
If we all come together just look were we can be


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Cherie Leigh

Thanks for sharing your journey with writing....Having faith in yourself is what will bring goals to fruition..  ;) xo Cherie

James unsworth

Your welcome cherie..thanks for the comment..i appreciate your feedback 😊

Jai Masters

  & felt. 
      Your pen 
 is our pen
      Welcome. James 
      From Jjai :))