Poem -


They say that time is a great healer
But is that really true? 
Does having faith in others 
Mean they have faith in you? 
Does hope and faith get misunderstood for each other? 
To have more faith will we win? 
To have more hope will we believe? 
The truth to that is down to us, 
If we believe in the things we know and trust 
Then we will believe in them, 
We have to have faith in ourselves to truly believe what is real, 
We may find that the bible is our protector and believe that is true, 
Only we can stand tall and all unite as one, 
No one said there was no god! 
But truly do we believe there is? 
Do we know if god really cares? 
Who knows that is where our faith to believe comes in, 
We have the faith to believe he is and the hope he may help, 
Do not give up on your faith and believes, 
Faith leads to Trust, 
And without it we would be lonely,

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Ebrahim Alkadi

so spiritual and with amazing structure ......with full respect yes there is no god but only Allah the almighty , and there are so many false believes and only Islam is the real one....kindly i recommend you to read the Holy Quran