Poem -

A Love Come True

A Love Come True

I was passionate and loving
I was her true love come true

Her in arms, full of love
Together we fell in love
so perfect and warm
Her touch truly beautiful
She Touched my heartĀ 

So passionately.. I'm in love,

Her warm smileĀ 
Her bright blue eyes
So loving and so true
I've fallen in love with you
The perfect woman

A beautiful smileĀ 
A perfect smell
Like a rose garden
Your inside my heart
I love you,
As I smile at you and smile back at me we giggle

As you take my hand
you hold my tightly
Your in heart and
In my arms
as together we grow old

We will always be forever.

Ā© 2019 David P Carroll...

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Such a delightful poem all about the wonderfulness of love! sometimes poetry seems to dwell on the sadder emotions so how lovely to read something that is bright and beautiful ...as bright as her blue eyes and as beautiful as her smile..Nice work David! .Ā  Lodigiana x