Poem -

A Love That Knows No Bounds

A Love That Knows No Bounds

(Dedicated to those who have found true love
for the very first time)

My love for you knows no bounds

It is a love that I've longed for every single day of my life

But until we met, I thought it was out of my reach

It has happened, that love I've longed for has happened

My whole life is upside down, in utter turmoil

I know this love can never be but I'm utterly enthralled

This passionate lady has me by the heart strings

Feel like a helpless teenager experiencing love for the very first time

Oblivious to things going on around me

Totally and hopelessly consumed by this obsession

Where is it all leading?

Are we destined to exist in this world of utter frustration

Or will we someday somehow meet

And our love and desires be fulfilled

A living dream but a dream that keeps me alive

Alive with the hope that dreams sometimes do come true!

My love for you knows no bounds

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Cherie Leigh

Hi dear Jack...I can definitely relate. I have always been one to cling to all signs of things that show love and romance and appreciated love's power...but did not understand its full potential until I met Tony five years ago. I could not see the plans God had for my life.  Love should never be taken for granted. There can be such pain and suffering in this world, but love makes it all worth the pursuit.  Cheers to love!  Lovely tribute to those who are lucky to love. xo ;)  

Jack Ellison

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you Cherie my love! We can both totally relate to the signs of love... it's in our genes! I had no doubt when I first heard about Tony and you getting together, that it would be a match made in Heaven!!! I was right! Love you sweet Cherie and to Tony for sharing you a wee bit!!! Happy Jack XOX