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When The Iron Is Hot

When The Iron Is Hot

Remember the old ballad... “I'm In The Mood For Love”

“Simply because you're naked!”

old the phone, don't think I've got that second line quite right

Works for me, though!

To be in the mood for love as far as I'm concerned

It has to be one of the seven days of the week

And sometime between 12:00 AM and 11:59 PM

Need that extra minute to recover and rest up

Now that must sound like I'm exaggerating

But what were we given these bodies for besides swimsuit contests

I actually once placed third

In the Miss Atlantic City Beauty Contest a few years back

I truly believe the judge's palms were greased though

Bribing the judges was certainly needed in my case

But I'm much too honorable for that

But all-in-all the offers for a movie contract and a modeling career

Started my road to stardom and a lavish lifestyle

So you see when the iron is hot...

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Cherie Leigh

Lol...I love  your self confidence that spikes from your sense of humor....I love that you can make me smile and not take life seriously...I need that!  ;)  Love n Hugs

Jack Ellison

Silliness aside, Cherie my sweet, you and I have a special long distant bond that is hard to define! Let's not question it, let's just be thankful!!! Love, Happy Jack XOX

Terry Kay

Jack,. I'd love to stay in touch.  I thought I'd read a few of your poems everyday I can.  You have a lot of poems on Cosmo.  We can talk for years!  I can certainly relate to When the iron is hot!  Wouldn't mind living that time again.😊😊 Love you.  Terry Kay

Jack Ellison

How sweet are you!!!!!!! You've answered my prayers, Miss Terry! Got lots to catch up on eh!!! This old geezer is waiting patiently! Tons of love, Happy Jack 😍😍😍