Poem -

A Penny For Your Thoughts

A Penny For Your Thoughts


Saying that's been around forever
Where it came from I haven't a clue
There are many phrases just like this one
So familiar to both me and you


Is a word not heard much these days
Its value's much less than a cent
We'd used to get a big bag full of candy
At the store, it was a big event


Many years its value has decreased
There's a rumor they'll no longer exist
Where's this technological age leading us
The good old days I surely do miss


Thoughts are surely “what an old geezer”
He can't keep up with the times
But us old guys lived a much simpler life
For those good old days, I still pine


Of sodas, ice cream, and lollipops
Linger in the depth of my being
Tears can be seen trickling down my cheek
A warm sentimental old feeling


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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

HI dear Jack....I love the formatting of this and the sentimentality of the simpler things in life that meant so much....I always learn from you how simple life can be when we focus on those things that bring comfort in a world that tries to complicate things..lol  Love n Hugs, xo 

Jack Ellison

Thank you, sweet Cherie! Your loving heart inspires me! You are a treasure to know... love to you dearest one... Happy Jack XOX