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A right good old natter

A right good old natter

There’s nothing better than a grand blether even if it’s just remarking on the state of our weather, which is on and on changability, with it’s willy-nilly contradictions of capability well we could stay there chattering forever . Some times people will stand in heavy showers yakking and a’ clackering for many long hours, getting soaked to the skin with their dripping wet chin and guess what they are on about ? April showers

Never-the-less talking is a total tonic and if you chat to a voice that’s melodiously harmonic, well they have such a lovely symphonic sound, they could sing and dance and absolutely astound and just listening to them has you musically euphonic . A right good old natter is what everybody needs, in their moment of desperation and when the heart bleeds . So twaddle, babble, till your heart’s content it’s fascinating hearing a different accent . Chit, chat, cackle, clack your chuggin’ along on a track . Babbling in a bubble of cheerful conversation, in your moment of complete concentration . Lost within your own little world amidst those tales of yesteryears stories that you unfurled

Personally I prefer palaver from an old age soul , they wander way back to bygone days from their memory scroll, telling us about the hardship when they did their bit in the war, serving Queen and country travelling afar, “I was in the army you know” “Did I tell you about the food ration?” I adore the way their eyes light up in a fascinating fashion . Bless’em I think as they give me a little wink and coz they’ve never stopped gabbling, do they need a drink ? . There isn’t anything that I know of that can beat a bit chitchat, it doesn’t matter if you are stood up or sat on a mat . Deep in delightful confabulation, discussing this and that between communication


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