Poem -

A Russian Princess (true story)

I had to do it mam ( Christine Stubbs) 不不 scared for life and emotionally abused 不不 but what a fantastic and magical mother you are!!

A Russian Princess (true story)

Tell me where you lived,
Sing the song you still remember,
It's cold in Russia, just like December,
I was warm in my castle, a royal member!
I think back to my princess days and I start to sing,
Gnish, na gnoo, gnish, na gnoo, chrishna, noo, chrishna noo, nee...
Gnish, na gnoo, gnish, na gnoo, chrishna, noo, chrishna noo, nee...
That sounds so beautiful mam,
Off I slept, like a little baby lamb,

My mam, worked hard,
My dad, worked hard,
When I was young, I believed every word they said,
They told me, I was found in a rubbish bin, under some soggy lettuce, so it was me they fed,
Deep down, I thought to myself, this can't be true,
But it was nice, as I still had parents their to talk too.

Every other night, my mam used to sing me songs,
Stories she'd make up, I used get tired, so they weren't long,
I must have drifted off to sleep, she'd kiss me on the forehead and say sweet dreams,
All the funny things she used to create in my head, a russian princess I still believed.

So, one day at school (in juniors) still believing, I said to my friend,
At dinner time, we'll run down to mine, my mam used to be a princess,
My friend (a non believer) said ok, I cant wait to hear this!
I said I'm not joking, she has her own language, she even sings!

Fast as we could, we ran home like we were wearing new slippers or new shoes!
I was so excited, this secret, I only knew, now my friend will know!
Speak in russian,
Sing the song!
I'm feeling so confused!

I don't know how to say this,
I'm not Russian,
I'm English,
Face like a ghost,
Tears welling up, but I didn't cry!
My friend Scott, asked, why would she lie?
I didn't have an answer, but as a mam, she was mine,
For the rest of my school days, they didn't trust me,
They took the piss,
They said I was a russian spy!
I still laugh now,
I guess mam's tell little white lies,
Just to see their children smile,
But in the end, I knew it was me who would win,
Because I knew,
I wasn't found under lettuce in a rubbish bin!

Here's to my English (not Russian) mother