Poem -

A Scent To Remember

Gardenias, eucalyptus, frangipani, yesterday,
today and tomorrow, some scent I'd like to borrow,
give it to you, remind you of when I was there,
remind you when we had the time to stand and stare.

Life is not a bed of roses, but we are uplifted 
by heady smells, beauty and what nature tells;
honeysuckle rose, tell me your secret, who knows
what aphrodisiac you may bring when I am in repose.

You remember the warm nights when jasmine caressed, 
with you forever, like a protective expensive cloak,
when you didn't want to leave, let the aroma soak
into your pores, slowly, as tho' it would open magic doors.

Rose petals on the bed and in the heart-shaped bath,
the air like nectar, sweetness, when I hear you laugh.


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