Poem -


angels sometimes die--lesley xxx

I remember the night
oh so well

when we both fell into the wooden floor
green was a whiskey curse
standing free
in our universe

we never knew
times awful escape
another drink
but it was too late

Fires in your eyes
tiger stripes crawling from the flame
distance hung like a favourite charm
already too far for

the blame
We left our flesh
amongst the stars
patterns formed
in crashing foaming chasing oceans
skinless we dance
drifting out from heavens shore
I remember that night
you bit me as gentle
as a tiny great white
laughing in the false truth
you already had booked your flight
I should know
by the scratches
angels wings can be hard
I should have to understand
why standing staring
waving goodbye to the guard
and seeping
through trusted fingers
the slow slow beat of your heart

Paths crossed
they say cross again
hanging in my void
im the one to


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