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A thank you

A thank you

A thank you to all the medical staff who are working tirelessly in a sometimes thankless environment to keep us all safe 
So the least we can do is self isolate to keep not just us but everyone safe 

A thank you to the supermarket staff who are working like never before to stock shelves of things so that we can all get what we want/need 
So the least we can do is respect the two meter rule and not get antsy with them when they say we can’t bulk buy nesesitys that have now become priceless 

So a huge thank you to those who are risking their lives to keep us safe 
So the least we could do is do is simply do as we are told, will it be hard yes but it not forever so suck it up 

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Being Me

Great awareness write! A big thank you is definitely needed for all who those who work tirelessly in the face of danger to keep us well and to keep us fed! Staying inside is really not that hard to do x


Hello Lizzie...

It only takes a minute to thank someone for their service...

I always Thank the sanitary people and the grounds keepers too at Rest Areas...

My servers at every Restaurant loves me and always says please come back and sit in my section I haven't laughed this hard on a long time they would say and some w
had tears in their eyes when I left a tip and I try to leave real fast before they can catch me...

I've had them catch me before and hugged me so tight...


It is the right thing to do...

Great write!

Thank you for sharing...