Poem -


She wore a thousand flames
Of purest pain
Her grief a brilliance uncontained
Her dress a jewel 
Of blackest jet
That choked and smothered hope
And yet.....

Held up with sorrows grace
Her face a shadowed lighted plane
As pearls of grief fell hushed​ and slow
And glittered in reflected glow
Of coloured glass
And tainted saints
Who failed
Who failed
Who failed....

And all who came to leak their tears
Could not get near
Could not get near
To douse the flames that burned
So fierce
For love

The tragedy an afterthought
As agony echoed out it's chord
And shocked the holy ghost
Who dwelled
That hallowed space

And angels fell from fluffy clouds
Upon the wreaths that cried her grief
With scented petals
On which she walked
The thousand paths to hell.
Marion Price(2020)


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Larry Ran

My Dear Marion,

Such depth!  Such power!  Incredible write!
I felt like jumping in, and rescuing this damsel in distress.

All my love,
Larry xxx

Marion Price

Hi Larry, I was thinking of my sister and a dear friend who have both lost children. It is like witnessing a lifelong torture though of course I could never convey such suffering but I had it in mind. Hugs, always đź’•