Poem -

A Working Man's Plea

A Working Man’s Plea 
He drives his old truck home a little slower each night 
Not sure if his wife and kids have lights 
Pulling in the driveway he says a little prayer 
His knees are screaming 
Knuckles rusted. 

Opening the door a dog gives him a hug 
It’s not beasts that scare this man 
His wife in the kitchen stares down a sink 
Thinking of the salesman she would like to meet
Stumbling to the couch he takes off his boots 
Little Jimmy runs to his dad 
The son stays up late and plays a man. 

Too bad Daddy’s asleep once again 
The sadden son goes to bed 
I know it’s cold the heats gone away 
Cover up and wipe your tears 
But mama it’s hard to sleep with grown man fears. 

© 2017 Randle Allshouse Jr.

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