Poem -

Across the Pond

Across the Pond

Two old timers
Chatting in a bar,
One of them was local
The other from afar…
You know I love America
And really don’t mean to be rude,
But ever since I’ve been here
I’ve been really confused by your food!”

“Now I know what hash browns are
They’re fried potatoes in bits,
But come on mate, give me a clue!
What the bloody hell are grits?!”

He knew what his friend was saying
It was a cultural shock to be here,
So he chose his words carefully
As he took a sip of his beer…
They say we are two countries
Divided by one tongue,
And I had similar troubles
When I crossed over the pond”

Crazy accents came out of their mouths
As I travelled from north to south,
When anyone spoke, it seemed like a code
And you drive on the wrong damn side of the road!”

They realised they’d gone too far
All this banter in the bar,
So these old mates from across the sea
Agreed to disagree…
We really shouldn’t fight
Were good friends don’t you think?
So I’ll translate the menu,
And you buy the drink!”


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Tony Taylor

I LOVE this JOHN!!.... it's not over the top by any standard.... which makes it classy, subtle, well crafted, and BEAUTIFULLY delivered!!... to write something like this you REALLY have to understand the truly intimate differences in those two cultures!!....I thought that I was in for a comedic piece here.... but was ever-so-pleased to have found this STELLAR piece of poetic insightfulness!!......ALL STARS & PINNED!!...... Brilliant stuff my friend!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.....T xo

John Astley

Wow thanks Tony, high praise indeed! I've been to the good old' US of A
a lot when I was a much younger man, and being from the north of England - occasionally struggled with the wonderful differences between our cultures . I did my best to capture it in a light piece.
Many thanks for you kind words


Cherie Leigh

HI John...I love the banter in this between two who really do respect each other but have confusion on differences in culture...People really are more alike than they think when it comes to their hearts and sincerity of what we want...but there sure can be some differences in lifestyles and food, mannerisms, etc...that can make life interesting...  This was great!  xo ;)  

John Astley

Aww Cherie, your comments mean a lot, it was quite a bit of work to keep it rhythmic light and humorous. So glad you like it.
X John 

Terry Kay

John,. Really nice poem!  Terry Kay

Larry Ran

My Dear John,

Absolutely hysterical.  I always look so forward to your last quatrain, which contains your hard to guess punchline, it's like you are the Alfred Hitchcock of comedy.  

John Astley's humor
Keeps one guessing til the end
Then, bursts of laughter

Larry xxx

John Astley

Awww Larry   so kind of you.
cheers mate