Poem -


Addicted to chocolate is a most terrible thing 
I know however the happiness it can bring 
Reaching for a bar when you have had a bad day
What do you decide on a Mars, Snickers or a Milky Way

Once the bar has been chosen another dilemma remains
Milk, white or dark the choices cause stress and pains 
Then do you eat it all or save some for later on 
I for one eat it whole and once its gone its gone 

We all like chocolate and is considered a treat 
Getting very expensive but certainly can't be beat
Before you are wondering I am a chocoholic too 
Certainly lifts the spirits should you be feeling blue

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Audrey youde

That is me ,i love my chocolate, especially coco pops in the morning, they also make a lovely chocolate milkshake with the left over milk in the bowl,,well done Kieran for bringing to life most of everyones dreams ,,Chocolate ☕🍫🍩🍮🥞