Poem -

Adrenaline Lust

Adrenaline Lust

She was always searching
Longing for compassion 
An everlasting euphoria

Searching for that spark
To ignite her fireworks
Craving that colourful frenzy 
Of dancing electrons

A passionate performance
But the restless colours
Wouldn’t survive
The winds of a storm
Altering the adrenalizing choreography
Into a fatal chaos

She should have been searching
For a calm flame
Of everlasting warmth and tranquility
Withstanding the harsh weather
As wind does not dim a flame
It only makes it burn brighter


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Edward Williams

“ craving that colourful frenzy of dancing electrons” awesome 👏great poem 

Olivia DiGi

Thank u eddie for always appreciating my poetry ❤️ It means the world

Tony Taylor

Hi OLIVIA!!...... this is pretty intense.... finding a mistake and then using a perfect metaphor to end the piece is VERY clever poetically ~

               ~ "As wind does not dim a flame
                    It only makes it burn brighter.."

ALL STARS!!...... well conceived and BEAUTIFULLY delivered!!....... well done dear poet sister!!........LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 🐧✴👌