Poem -

All about Peter

All about Peter 

Peter was a plumber
Hes over six feet tall
Tho he retired last September
So he doesnt work at all

He still does little jobs if its someone he knows
He just gets on his bike & away he goes

He is a very active man
This is simply just his way
He walks five miles with his fitbit
& he does this twice a day

So Peter keeps fit whenever he can
He looks young for his age
& is a very healthy man

Peter is bright he goes to classes at the school
He is a whizz with the  computers so he is no fool

He teaches zumba on a Friday night
All the people watch his feet
Coz they want to get it right

He is a one of ten
Six sisters & the men
They love to keep in touch
They hold a party now & then

Peter does the disco for the kids down in the mall
He puts his ipod with his speakers on the table in the hall

Tho he is very popular
He likes to live alone 
But he chats everyday to his partner on his phone

Her name is Penny
She is pretty & small
They look funny when together
Coz he is so tall

They meet in the cafe for their dinner ever day
But she would be married with a ring
If she had her way

But Peter hasnt asked her
It isnt in his plan
He wants to stay independant
All his life if he can

You see he finds it difficult to share a bed
If he doesnt sleep diagonal then he bangs his head

Often he finds it difficult to sleep at all
So hes driven round the bend
& almost climbing the wall

He gets very fidgetty & his feet tend to tap
So if his curtains closed through the day
Hes just having a nap

His mother calls him Peter
His Penny calls him Pete
They called him Pongy as a lad
Cos he had such stinky feet

I could tell you lots more 
About the Peter that I know
But I must finish this ditty
Coz its time for me to go :)


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