Poem -

All Alone

All Alone

I sat in the woods, at daybreak, feeling all alone.
The morning light dappled the forest
like drops of blood
nourishing the coming day.
The shimmering stream sang a song
not heard in any hall.
The thrush warbled it’s truthful tones.
It was then I knew the magic of all alone.

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Tony Taylor

Dear poet brother DAN!!
I love this as a piece of poetic prose as well as a 'lyric line'!!.... it TOTALLY sings true dear poet brother!!......I am a songwriter and
 I can emphatically state....... this could easily be the start of a fine ballad!!...... Tons-O-Stars!!......well done my friend!!.......T xo 🐧✴❤

Dan Cieri

I appreciate your comments. If you want to use it as ballad, email me or call me @ 2013929288. Email is in my status.