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All I am.

All I am.

In darkest remembrance of your mind.
I find my dreams straying towards inevitable sorrow.
Will I ever be free of you?
What foolish frailty binds my heart?
To see the sun shine through your sky.
Small beautiful worlds vast and glorious. Yet what lies beneath captured my own.
Even still.
You linger here haunting my heart.
This retched thing no longer carries the life you breathed.
It went with you.
Gazing at the light dancing through your teachings.
I could feel it then, the warmth of your vibrant vita.
Tempted to touch the soul within. How could I resist? 
What madness would suffer the loss of true joy? Of breathing? I died that day.
I remain there in that room.
Were warm summer is everlasting.

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Davy Jones [Lyrics]

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Ian William

I'm surprised after reading this that you chose nonsense as the genre.
Your phrasing and the emotions within this piece are truly unique.
A contemplative portrayal of pain and sorrow, as spiritual as it is sensual. 


Thank you Ian. You are very sweet.
Some minutes are worth years. There isn’t much sense in it.