Poem -

Amazon burning

Amazon burning

Trees burn
So does my heart
Tears flow
We need to play our part
Corruption and greed
Because of this forests burn
So our focus must turn
In extinguishing not just the flames
But this in power
Who must be held to blame.
Indigenous people forced to flee
Because of the burning of trees
The cattle men come, threatening
Killing activists who try to stop them
The Amazon ancient and eldritch
Of natures creations, this is the greatest
It represents earth’s heart and lungs
Use your voice regardless of foreign
For this is a global catastrophe
So let’s make a stand you and me
In environmental unity.

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Cherie Leigh

This breaks my heart...I heard that 20% of the world's oxygen comes from The Amazon, and with these trees being burned away, there is irreparable damage....Great awareness write!  We must nurture our Mother Earth as our home...xo ;)


Thank you very much for reading and appreciating and for your understanding. We have on earth and we should speak out to protect it. Faux