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Amazon Calling.

Amazon Calling.

Tall trees and lush forest,
Rainfall and the mist,
But how long will it last,
How long will it exist.

A great diversity of animals,
Cycles of life and death,
But is this the last of Amazon,
Will it be drawing it's last breath?

The greed of deforestation,
Burn offs spin out of control,
It is twenty percent of our oxygen,
This destruction will take it's toll.

We don't want international assistance,
It is not the business of ours,
The Brazilian leader had told us,
Sounding like Russian vows.

Do not lose this icon,
A wonder of the natural world,
Get a grasp on the dire situation,
Or watch the extinction unfurled.

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Ian Smith

Notre dame was on fire for a few hours and the richest sprang to their cheque books. 
Our greatest natural habitat burns for weeks and not an eyelid is raised. 
The world has some serious priority issues. 
Great poem Glen, its nice seeing someone awake and trying, instead of of a world sleeping in ignorance 

Glen Hill

Thank you Ian, exactly as you said, a monument is important and should be preserved, but also our natural habitat. Thank you for the like

Cherie Leigh

Hi Glen....What a great awareness write....God gave us this world to care for and not destroy....There is a balance to nature that we disrupt with our casual attitudes....The Amazon is no exception to this example...Great work. xo 

Glen Hill

Thanks Cherie, I see the fires pop up in my Facebook feed regularly, thank goodness for Facebook in that regard