Poem -

An American Rampage

I am not political 
Heck I usually don't care about elections anymore
For multiple and various reasons.
I was 18 when I voted for Jimmy Carter 
He was a good man and my mom voted for him as well.
She was a Democrat 
So am I 
But I am changing that.
I wont vote party line like a mindless puppet.
If you want my interest in voting 
Try being Americans first
And party players last.
Special interests, slush funds.
Kick backs and hand shake good old boy vomit.
Reads increased homelessness. Increase urban crime and drug abuse.
We can spout skewed statistics all day long.
You can spin doctor the press and get people to overlook how many empty foreclosed houses there are in their block.
How many people are being allowed to die due to disgusting managed care B's.
One for the rich and one for the poor.
Same with law and prison. Profiling
All these agencies non profits. Getting millions of dollars to help the homeless
Yet when a client is approved they can't find them an apt that will rent to them
Due to profiling 
So what good are these high dollar, back slapping, social butterfly agencies doing with all their funding?
You tell me 
And the family sitting on the curb because They have evictions or poor rental history.
Give me a break,!
It don't take a genius to know homeless folks got evictions and poor rental history
That's what they need help with. 
Income so what?
If you can't find a landlord willing to rent to you.
So Mr President whoever you are
Please take a moment in your busy PR schedule and
Perhaps help the homeless by stopping the awful practices of property managers 
That will not by rote even consider people with an eviction
Most times there is an explanation 
They need a second chance
Rental selection should be  A 
Case by case option not the 
Nightmare it has become.
And yeah this is personal.

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Tony Taylor

Hey VIOLET!!.... wow!.... you can feel the passion that is pushing this piece forward...... It almost reads like a Politically Poetic Anthem!! ~

            ~ " So Mr, President, whoever you are
                 Please take a moment from your busy PR schedule
                 Perhaps help the homeless......."

You have touched on subject matter here that ALMOST NO ONE dares to tackle!!......ALL STARS!!........ well done dear poet sister!!...... and stay groovy!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.........T xo.  : )

Violet Freese

Thank you Tony 
I am a proud American.  I come from a mix of Euro immigrants after WwI and Cherokee native .  
The trail of tears native.  It is a beautiful land our United States even now after all we have done and our doing.  We are a great people. I have faith in our melting pot that someday we could literally make the difference in the balance when the time comes . One nation under God. Those are beautiful words that should always be remembered.  But when corruption and wealth turn their backs on the people. When it is obvious that we are being lied to.  When children are being shot by law enforcement officers and get away with it.  I draw the line  yes foreign affairs are important and the world is now a village. Really.  
But the band aids they have placed over the deep wounds of our country are falling off.  How will they be healed.l guess I am throwing in the towel. Hehe why not I am just an old lady......who listens to them anyway?