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An Angel on your shoulder👼

An Angel on your shoulder👼

I am floating at the very end of your kingsize bed every single night as you toss and turn your weary head.. you look across at me as you lie wide awake but you don’t have a clue that I’m there for pity’s sake.. I wonder what you would do if you saw a ghost, that’s probably the one thing that you would fear the most

But I can’ help myself needing to be next to you, it’s how I feel right now and it’s something I have to do.. hopefully one day I will be able to move away but at this moment in time I need to see you come what may.. so I shall hover by your side in the darkness of your lonely room, I am a shadowy silhouette locked in my sorrowful gloom.. I am praying for a chance that you can sense I am here, perhap’s one little glance, I don’t want to cause you fear

I know I left you in a hurry in a state of confusion, but that pain in my chest was a foregone conlusion.. my  sudden disappearance was out of my control, with a shell of my body without it’s inner soul.. my dreaded demise was the end of it all as God entered my life when he came to call.. yet I will wait for you, we shall be together again and given time to grieve it will heal your pain.. but until that day when you are back by my side I shall be an Angel on your shoulder following you far and wide

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