Poem -

An Icy Kiss

Have you ever felt the cold embrace,
the icy kiss of death,
no longer able to feel the warmth of life.
Have you ever had to sit helplessly
as your heart began to slow
into stillness,
after your lungs stopped working
on their own.
You will not see all of your years
flash before your eyes.
In fact, you won’t see anything at all.
It’s what you’d feel,
you‘d either feel at peace
with knowing that it was the end,
or you‘d have this overwhelming fear,
because it’s in those seconds
that you know it’s truly over.
Fear, for the fact that
you‘d never take another breath,
that you‘d never wake up
to see another day.
Or that you‘d never be able to tell
your final truths.
But then, all of those feelings
you may be having
are overpowered by the panic
felt by your failing body,
as it unsuccessfully tries
to keep you conscious.
And then your mind,
it finally fades into nothing.
And you sink past the grip of life,
with no one capable of pulling you
back up.
But, all of a sudden,
the breath of life is blown
back into your lungs,
and your mind is contaminated
with pain,
as you are forced to live on
in the same world as the old.

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