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Sometimes I feel as if I can swim in the air
Like I can breathe underwater
Sometimes I feel as if I can defy
The laws of gravity
As if I can fly
As if I can walk on water
Sometimes I feel like I have a choice
Like I have the right
To make a decision
To state my opinion
Sometimes I feel as if there are boulders
Tied at my ankles
Dragging me back down to the ground
Back down to the bottom of the ocean
Sometimes, it’s almost like
There was a part of me that was stolen
It’s like I don’t have the right
To choose, to talk
Like they took my voice
And locked it away,
Right in front of me
Like I was left with a heart and my mind
Yet I can’t speak it
And it’s tearing me apart
From the inside out
My words begging to be heard
But I can’t swim
And now I’m sinking,
Drowning because in all reality
I can’t breathe underwater
And I’ll never be without
This magnetic force dragging me down
And even though I’m clawing at your arm
Pleading for you to help
I can’t even leave a scratch
And I can’t even make a sound

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