Poem -

An Unasked Life!

An Unasked Life!

He wakes in suffocation, an acute despair to inhale
A body too leaden to raise from the bed
a screaming disappointment in a hollow head
and woman of creation hears heart at silent wail

A tormented anguish in nothing to feel 
floundering in a dysfunctional mind
overthinking, a questioning kind
Broken thoughts boxed in Hell to seal

Demons sheltered under thin skins
probing and pricking in sadistic joy
constant companions since a very small boy
Yet it's not over until the fat lady sings

And all began in eye's of fairytale
on the wings of madness at free
made with psychopathic reality
An unasked Life to prevail

Consequences breed to the present
fixed with genetics overly sad
Still fighting to live and be glad
of a unasked life and death prevent

Medication for horror and sorrow
attacking a battle with chemicals blown
and a inner strength now faintly known
The fat lady again muted until tomorrow

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Tony Taylor

BEATIFULLY delivered WENDY!!..... you captured that inner turmoil perfectly dear poet sister...... that struggle that when this extreme has to have medication to be handled....... your eye and ear for the poetic is 'dead on' here!!.....PINNED!!.....love your style girlfriend!!....... LOVE & ROCKETS!!.....T xo 👍👍✴❤❤✴😊

Wendy Wass

Thanks Tony my youngest son is struggling with depression at the moment and this is why I wrote this. It is such a 
awful illness. He is feeling slightly better. Always appreciate your comment.

Mai B

I love it, I felt it. 

Wendy Wass

Thanks Mai it's a subject very personal to me. Glad you liked it and I did it justice