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And Then There Are None

And Then There Are None

The rhythmic rise and fall of our chest...
do we ever stop to reflect?
a miracle in every single breath...
gifts given, not for us to select.
Each one as precious as the last
and so easily taken for granted,
not to be repeated
like words never to be recanted.
They are constantly with us
through every moment of life...
be it joy, uncertainty, or surprise,  
unwavering through times of strife.
Letting trivial things wrap us up
providing unfortunate distraction
versus celebrating the normal...
each exhale a natural subtraction.
Days evaporate into nothing
like bullets escaping a gun,
we all reach a unique total...
and then there are none.

In Memory of Jacob
Killed on 7/25 in a car accident at age 17

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Tony Taylor

What a BRILLIANT poetic reminder of just how miraculous the human mind and body truly are!!.....we DO take what we ARE for granted and we...... for most of the day......REALLY need to do EXACTLY that......but it is in the power of meditation and reflection where we can remind and appreciate our outrageously magnificent gift of 'life itself' on a daily basis.....some call this prayer......I like to think of it as practice.....a working out of a muscle that we rarely use.....that of the connection between mind, body, and soul......thanx so much for sharing this 'wonderfully sad' piece of poetic prose......condolences for your friend....17 is way too young for us to comprehend literally.....but I DO believe that the creator has a plan......thank you JACKI !!....for this ~

              ~ "The rhythmic rise and fall of our chest
                  Do we ever stop to reflect...."

ALL STARS & PINNED!!.......stay golden girlfriend!!......your ever-cyber-friend and admirer......T xo 🐧✴❤


Jacki Goebel

Thank you so much Tony!!  Just made a couple of small tweaks for flow...  Tragic accident at a blind corn intersection.  When the corn gets tall, it's so dangerous!!  Whether we call it prayer or practice, just "being", stopping to appreciate our body/life and God's beautifully painted nature calms the soul.  Our body is a masterpiece of complex design for sure.  Blessings always!  Value your input as always!