Poem -

Another one bites the dust....

Another one bites the dust....

A giant looses his empire....
Another one bites the dust
Unemployment rises higher
Hopes with expectations turn to rust...

No stability in our fragile world
Uncertainty lies ahead
Too many corporations have unforld
Companies crashed where prosperity has tread

Alas another English devastation
Where has our Great Britain gone ?
Is this simply but a blip in our generation ?
Political problems when all is said & done 

Let us learn from our mistakes
After a fall shall be a rise ?
Prime minister & Politicians
Conquer your conflicts.... Open your eyes....

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Jill....Politicians and all the politics are ruining our world...I understand...I cannot stand to see how things are changing...I am sorry for your struggles too with Britain...so sad.  xo ;)

Jill Tait

Thank you Cherie luv yes its sad but hopefully will in time sort itself out xxx

Chris Bond

Strong poem Jill , definitely agree with a lot of your sentiments .....