Poem -

Anyone's smile

Though I walk through the valley of my own creation, I find for my friends I only have one expectation. let me see in side your heart before the journey we start. cause I'm gonna open up my life to you, and I'm not looking to get abuse, or give it. you see my hearts just not in it. it's the hate and pain you see I just have no room to fit it 
In my life there's no pleasure with pain! there's only pleasure. no time for talking politics, you see I'm through with this. me and the world are no longer linked by the hate that it breeds, I'm off planting new seeds, maybe start trading on some good deeds for some shit I dont need, get to working on some new dreams.  
It's time to regenerate faith, yea I'm preaching an I'm here to stipulate, we no longer have to stare at an empty plate. were not going down with out a fight, we've got dreams and there in sight, it's time to throw your hands up and take fight. I'm not talking bout a revolution, my minds working on changing the whole dam institution.  
You can't make a change if your to busy passing blame, time to start a new game.
with a group of bright young players thinkers and doers and shakers and movers.
people guided by the simple thought of caring for the stranger waiting for the bus with no coat or warm gloves the idea no matter his name we all believe in something or someone above. that with out you there can be no me, friendship and unity is always the key. Has it been so long that we've forgotten, yea there's a man laying there but I'm not stopping. when this world didn't have so much to offer, no grain in the coffers. when we shared the land, looked out for our fellow man. now it's all at your finger tips, order what ever you want even a relationship. it's all online, come let us inside of your mind. stay there in your house, right there on your couch. will bring you any thing you need and as you type and place your orders with no more weight of the day on your shoulders, stay right there on the couch let's talk to some friends just a click the mouse. we've got Facebook and Twitter and Instagram but consider,
a child can create a game or a dream from thin air, we use to live in a world that created things beyond compare. Now there are only a few creators creating things to keep you in that chair, with a thousand yard stare, the trouble is we just don't seem to care. were all fat an happy we let them deceive us, we need someone driving the train we can trust, not managed by greed or by lust. it's the new constitution taking over or bust. im sick of synthesized emotions social media starting a commotion where you click happy no sad I like it or I'm mad. feelings with no feelings I'm dealing with the feeling your stealing my sensations in life, things that make my world bright. the sunshine and the daze end the warmth and real laughter of good friends
Life has always been work and that's a fact.
We didn't need Drs to give us pills to forget that.
Every days a struggle but when you remember what is real you'll stop seeing double an life will be less trouble. I think I've reach the end of my rhyme so thank you all for sharing your time. but give some thought to any given day a strangers mind has them thinking there isnt any other way, waiting for someone, anyone's smile to step up and say!

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