Poem -

apologize no more

in the middle of a crowded room I'm jumping up and down
how did I become a ghost that screams yet makes no sound
I wish so much for anyone to just see what I'm seeing
no one does so now I feel I'm slowly disappearing 
I know I have a complex nature I feel thoughts and words so deep
but I know that I am so much more than broken pieces underneath 
most of you don't see me and too scarred to let me in
the depth of my emotions you question how and where to begin
you're wondering is it a bad thing or is my personality just rare
but I have spent far too much time trying to help you care
I'm learning all there is to know about this heart of mine
it's up to you to take that step- it's depth that helps us intertwine
the way I think and feel is intense and I will apologize no more
you are ashamed of what makes me-me you keep cutting to my core 
I'm blessed with a mind that uses words to love and heal abuse
no longer will your embarrassment be the hangman's noose 

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