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another sock poem


There is a laundromat
just up the street
It's where neighbours and strangers often meet
The locals know there's one machine
that makes thier garments super clean
Visitors on the other hand
take pot luck;
into the slot they drop their bucks
The rumbling starts and away they go
But little does one of them know...
that at the end of a soapy sud rotation,
when they open up the lid,
shirts and jeans
and shorts and sweaters,
nickers and bras and blouses
and even scarves and trousers
will all be there...
but any socks they thought they'd brought
are gunna be well hid
Stacked away in the belly of a devil,
an ogre or a ghoul so very cruel--
who lives inside that one contraption--
are the things he craves and munches up with gruff gusto
Sporty whites; business tights;
wooley thicks; baby booties;
and fancy shmicks,
and even occasional pantyho
The locals feign dumb
they clear their throats,
turn their heads,
and look away
They know he's real
but dare not say
For who in this day and age
of education
could engage in such a silly conversation;
where one confess by faith alone
that said washing machine
could in fact
be a monster's home
It seems awfully childish to believe
that due to a mythical beast none have actually seen,

vanished feet apparel
can never be retrieved

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Jill Tait

Haha amazing 🤣💙can you do mine too its ‘After the sock came ‘The Moonlight ‘ please I’d be so thankful:)))

al Bikaadi

Ok Jill... it's not as funny but I've shared a little something. = )

Cherie Leigh

Lol....Great sock narrative, Al.....I was always suspicious that there really was a sock monster eating the socks...as my children never have socks that match anymore....and it has been an on going mystery...lol  You created a great entry in the sock challenge....I just entered Jill's challenge to do a "Moonlight" themed poem.  It's fun to see how we all have different styles and ideas from the same theme....It makes Cosmo interesting..I enjoyed. xo ;)

Jill Tait

Awww brilliant thanks to u both xxx

A Lonely Journey

Great sock poem! I missed it previously. Excellent entry!