Poem -

Approaching Dusk Of Mine Existence

Approaching Dusk Of Mine Existence

(tell the dee jay to cue Thus Spake Zarathustra)

Most recent orbitz upon oblate spheroid
launched dawning consciousness, of this android
hood doth dream of electric sheep,
perhaps one named Dan Aykroyd
Yes - band aid together with Blues Brothers

adept at performing renditions, sans Pink Floyd,
asper where soul asylum hoop fully sent
precariously perched upon an asteroid
as aye trundled mine third score journey
around nearest star hearkening greater intent

for this nasal twanging, which annoyed
me as a kid (split uvula courtesy scapegoat)
bullies zeroed in (kamikaze like) destroyed
(thoroughly good) mine self esteem
puncturing psyche whole life, asper yours truly

(long stretched his mein kampf) never enjoyed,
now long since dismissed from class, or rather
painstakingly, sluggishly, woefully
zipped along analogous to an amoeboid
arriving at present juncture (at the outer

limits of the twilight zone) often plaque
tracking, via blunt, fingerlike, lobose diploid
pseudopods, and tubular mitochondrial
cristae eventually brink king edge of devoid
of eternal night and nothingness

in tow with existential demise unavoid
double vision, emasculating spectacle
embarrassment to fellow protozoa,
this vignette by the way...a "FAKE" factoid
but came to in a flash while deployed

in an effort to craft inane rhyme, no reason
either that or share bloody hemorrhoid
verse (barely appropriate material) for
alien, foreigner or humanoid,

thus confabulating prevarication
to entertain, kibbitz, regale with overactive
imagination not jest prominent among Mongoloid,
but storytelling evident with Caucasoid and Negroid.