Poem -

Are you real?

There's so many things I wanna say to my boy, pride and joy,

Always on my mind, your what keeps me alive, and moving on, 

It's been so long since I saw you, held your,  or 

Felt you,

                                   Are You Real?

     I just wanna feel you breath, my hearts "ripping" beneath my skin!

Will I ever see you again? I was so close to seeing you, now I

Might be going back to the pen. Not to mention how long it's been 

Since the last weekend I saw you, Played Thomas The Train on the floor 

With you. Baby boy I love you! Know my love for you melts the snow,

Keeps me warm in the cold,

                                 Are You Real?

     What is love? To me like a bird a dove, flying free above, no restrictions

On when or what, just us! Far from lust, ready to bust away any day, for

Any reason through any season,

                                Are You Real?

     Love is the blood pumping through my veins, it's what keeps me coming back 

And always remains, keeping me sane, through the pains I feel, No matter

What, this love is real! Lies and preceptions,and honest pretentions with love that's getting stronger to 

Mention lessons the tention,

                                Are You Real?

     They say God is here and that he can hear? Then why am I going to 

Prison for something I truly didn't do now for more then 3 years?

I've wanted nothing more then to know God is real.I mean show me some

How and seal the deal.

  Emotions so strong for time seems long, I feel lost and gone somehow

Frogtten, "like a rotten fruit that fell to the ground" that"s true!

I'm writting how I deeply feel so where are you?

                              Are You Real?...

     They say "do nothing out of selfish ambition or vein conciet,"They say

"Keep doing good and good you will reap," Well I tried everything and not

Even my son could I keep. Well now days seem long as I feel weak ready to

Give up from this pain that keeps reaping cuz these tears just dont stop leaking,

                          Are You Real?......

My precious child is worth more than my life is, He's priceless, nevermind

This time away, I hope it's blinded from your life as I write this, in this timeless

Place I cry in, a place you couldn't pry in even if you were trying, inside

Corey I'm crying, nobody can say I don't love you cuz, there lieing.

They have no idea what it's like in my mind as I fight desperetly trying

to find, what it would be like, to be a kid playing with his daddy one

weekend, then crys seeing him leave and never sees him again!

Corey I never wanted to leave you! I wanted to teach you how to be a

man and never see you sad,

                                    ARE YOU REAL?

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Tyler Vogel

I wrote this for my son looking at 3 years in prison.